How It All Started

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

There are only two of us at the moment, so we wear almost as many hats in this company as we do in our personal lives. When you've been friends for over 20 years, you tend to have a lot in common. Not only are we both tradeswomen, motorcyclists, and mothers, we share a love for the outdoors and world travel and a mutual obsession with coffee. We have so many stories of our “Adventure Annies” escapades and many more to come. In fact, the idea for Wild Mountain Roasters was born on our semi-annual trip in August of 2020. We both happened to be pregnant at the same time, trying to figure out how to navigate a pandemic with kiddos out of school and a need to work from home.

A few years earlier, Danielle had a coffee shop and ended up purchasing roasting equipment when her meticulously hand-picked supplier made the decision to downsize to hobby roasting after a long run in the coffee industry. She couldn’t imagine doing without the curated blends she had been serving up at Peaches Coffee in Palisade, CO so she bought the roaster with the caveat that it came with mentorship on how to replicate the proprietary blends that had been developed over several decades of roasting experience. After moving on from Peaches, she continued to roast for a few local coffee shops and perfected her craft.

The pandemic hit and Molly was on leave from her job as a carpenter, building custom Airstreams and camper vans at Reparadise in Salt Lake City and brainstorming ways to put her business management skills and artistic eye to work in a remote setting. As we Jeeped around the San Juans, camping out under the stars and fishing mountain streams, Danielle in the awkward, painful end of her third trimester, and Molly in the bone-tired, queasy first trimester (both equally needing a pit stop every two minutes), we decided to go into business together and Wild Mountain Roasters was off with a bang. Our first year has been a lot of work and a big learning curve, but we love seeing our little project growing into what it has so far. If you've been along for the ride, we sure appreciate the love and support!

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